Nobody knows me like she do

I have a great wife. For my birthday, she got me a Rio 800 128mb mp3 player. She knows me enough to see through my BS and get me what I really want. I come off all cool on techno gadgets. I have the standard sermon that all these little techno gadgets not only cost up front but they carry a hefty price in the form of time spent fiddling with them and money for accessories. Not to mention the fact that you now have one more little expensive thing to keep dry, safe, and remember not to leave anywhere. That’s why I didn’t have a PDA, MP3 player, or DVD, or any other little gadget on my wish list.

But my wife got me one anyway, God bless her. I love it. That said, I did spend about four hours yesterday alone fiddling with it. And I’m already thinking of that extended storage card and a carrying case accessory. Damn gadgets. :)

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