Beyond the Bland

We’re doing a series this summer at church youth group (I’m a cathechist) on media and the Christian life. The first session is on music. We’re going to talk about popular music and lyrics and how you can indeed sing along with good cool music without having to say “smack my bitch up” or “big pimpin’, spendin’ cheese”, or even “let me see that thong.”

I have a problem with Christian music, probably the same problem a lot of kids have. It’s too bland. Imagine if the entire radio dial were nothing but Pop Music. No rap, hip-hop, techno, metal, grunge, punk, or anything alternative. Imagine all the music being smoothed out for mass consumption.

That’s how I think of Christian radio. KSBJ is a great station, but where’s the edge? Most music I listen to has an edge. Christian Pop is nice for me in the way bananna pudding is nice. Tasty, but a little bowl will do me just fine.

So I went looking for the edge. Mostly for myself — I’d like to listen to Christian music again — but also for the young people in our youth group. If you’re gonna stand up and talk about how they probably should not listen to Kid Rock, Nine Inch Nails, Nelly, Eminem, etc. then you need to have some alternatives to show ’em.

(In the very least, learn what the lyrics mean before you sing them aloud. “Pimpin'” does not mean “cool,” kids.)

So here are the alternatives I found:

A good techno/dance band here
A whole online community of Christian DJs
A lot of links and resources for the Christian techno scene
Two good alternative electronica/industrial bands
Two Christian punk portals, and Godpunk
A Streaming Christian radio station.

So this is my goal: To fill my new Rio 800 with Christian Music that doesn’t make me yawn. To have at least some music in my collection whose lyrics support my beliefs. I have some leads…

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