Say no to the Bunny

So I am looking through Christian alternative music and culture sites and one of them has this link to self-billed, although misleadingly, as a “Christian Porn” site. I do a double take. Huh? Can I send kids to a site that links to xxxchurch? Remember, I’m researching for site to tell pre-teens about. So, naturally I have to investigate! (ahem.)

So, here’s this Christian Porn site. How does that work? Well, it’s a Christian site about porn — there’s no actual porn there, silly. There is a very slick, well designed site addressing an issue that we Christian Men, if we are being honest with ourselves, know can be a problem. I know a guy or two who’ve lost wives, children, and houses to porn addiction. There but for the grace of God go I and anybody else, especially anybody who thinks they’re too righteous for such temptation.

From the site. They say it best themselves:

“Men…Here are the facts.

1. We all love to look at nude women.
2. We have all looked at nude women.
3. We all know where we can find pictures of nude women.

The question is what are you going to do about the facts. We can simply accept the facts and give in to our flesh or we can live a life of integrity and avoid the pitfalls and traps of internet pornography. This is every man’s battle.

Fact #1
Women are beautiful cuz that’s the way God made them. We are naturally attracted to them. If you’re not then there is probably another website out there that can help you with that problem. But for all those that are attracted to women, we need to put into perspective women’s beauty. Our flesh seeks to distort and destroy God’s ultimate plan for relationships between men and women. He did not create women for us to be able to click onto a poorly designed and cheesy website and look at them naked. He did not craft the woman’s body so we could pay $3.95 a month to look at naughty pictures. There is so much more to God’s plan…

…Put safeguards in your life right now!! Don’t have it be a secret any longer. Get real and stop messing around with your integrity and your future. Get some accountability partners and start talking openly and honestly about these issues. The facts speak for themselves. Now as men it is time for us to rise to the occasion and be the leaders that God has called us to be.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your wife. Do it for your kids. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

I like the fact that they focus on individual responsibility. They are not censors. They do not attack the first amendment. They provide help and accountability for those who need it.

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