Bursting the bubble

I found a very nice and comprehensive links page by a former avid yerba mate drinker. I say “former” because he found this page in Google’s cache. Kind of disturbing. The first negative health news I’ve been able to find about my beloved mate.

Still it’s only one study and it was performed on a population of very heavy native mate drinkers in Uruguay. No indication of whether this could be pesticides or the plant itself or how they defined a “heavy drinker”. Just in case, I’ll stick to certified organic. I’ve already decided to forgo the hassle of making traditional style mate and just doing the “cocido” style in my coffe maker. It’s the wimpy gringo way, but if there are health risks, then weaker mate might mediate them.

The benefits and health risks of my other favorite, coffee, are also mixed. I always knew that the health claims about mate were being hyped by people trying to sell the stuff. I am almost relieved to see a dissenting voice and am surprised, given the fact that millions drink this stuff every day, not to find more negative health news about yerba mate.

Of course, maybe I’m just whistling in the dark…

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