Been Flagged?

I went on a walk with Petunia and Mr. Freshpants this morning. Actually I call this type of walk a “Death March” because Mr. Freshpants really needed to expend some energy in the out of doors and, by jeebers, we were going to Expend Some Energy.

I started doing the Death Marches back when we had the twins because they had too much kinetic energy for our little house to safely contain. They used to go for two miles, but then they were three years old. Mr. Freshpants walked the better part of a mile, part of it running, before his two year-old legs succumbed to the stroller. When we got home, he hungrily ate lunch before going happily down for a long nap. Now that’s the hallmark of a successful Death March! Best part of this plan is that it’s his idea. Mr. Freshpants is always wanting to go outside for a walk. I just give him what he wants… in spades.

So we were already on the last leg of the Death March, Mr. Freshpants in the stroller looking wanly ahead over his water bottle, Petunia asleep, when I approached a house of some Church friends of ours. From a distance, it looked like they had decorated for some kind of party. I was wondering whose birthday it was, but when I got close I saw that they had hundreds of little flourescent colored flags stuck in their lawn — the wire and plastic kind that construction crews place to mark cables and pipes and other underground stuff you don’t want to lose track of. Normally I mind my own business, but I just had to stop and ask.

Apparently, instead of their house getting “wrapped” with toilet paper, they got “flagged.” Over 500 little flags on their front lawn. What a cool joke! It’s a lot nicer looking, less wasteful, and easier to clean up than most petty vandalism as nefarious youths are wont to do these days. Plus, they were left with a set of flags that they could use to retaliate with, provided their search for the culprits proved fruitful.

This is such a cool idea, I want to try it! I wonder where you get those flags? I just know that somewhere in Houston, somebody cut through an underground cable today…

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