Bona Fide Offer

So I didn’t get a lick of paying work done all weekend, though I have been home for four days lounging around the house. What I did do is make a mix CD of Christian music for my youth groupies at Church. I had so many takers the last time I did this, I had to make more copies for the overflow crowd. In the extra time I had to make the extra copies, I found lots more Christian Rock, Rap, and Metal tracks that I liked better, so I made a whole new mix.

I don’t feel too guillty ripping the songs and handing them out as all of the songs were off of promotional CDs that I got for free myself. Since the purpose of the CDs was to spread the music around, I figure I am doing their bidding by feeding it to a new audience, especially one that tends to be a voracious consumer of CDs — the pre-teen set.

Turns out I really like this mix so I made one for myself. Here ’tis:

1. Huntingtons — High School Rock (punkish rock)
2. Bleach — We Are Tomorrow (alt rock)
3. Reach — Strange Occurrence (alt rock)
4. Sanctus Real — Say It Loud (alt rock)
5. dc Talk — Since I Met You (alt rock)
6. Toby Mac — Yours (rap rock)
7. Pax 217 — Tonight (rap rock a la 311)
8. Pillar — Fireproof (hard rock)
9. Kutless — Again (metal)
10. Justifide — I Don’t Care (metal)
11. Knowdaverbs — Syllabus (rap)
12. Grits — Here We Go (rap)
13. John Reuben — Up and At Em (rap)
14. KJ-52 — Rise Up (rap)
15. Andy Hunter — Amazing (dance)

If you’re like me and want to like contemporary Christian music but just can’t bring yourself to; if you like to listen to music like Eminem, Blink 182, Nine Inch Nails, and Korn but don’t like the grimy residue all that stuff leaves on your soul, you might like this mix too.

Since I want to promote this kind of music, I’ll make you an offer — send me a CD and I’ll burn you this mix. Limited time. Email Me if you’re interested.

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