Poetry Reading

If you’re interested in a real world Cody sighting (God knows why) you can catch me this Tuesday at a poetry reading at the River Oaks Borders location. I’m not a featured poet or anything, but I think I’ll bring some of my stuff and read in the Open Reading portion of the evening. Here’s the event info:

The monthly Poetry Reading Series at Borders River
Oaks, hosted by Ken Jones, Art Institute of Houston
instructor, is proud to present
HIP3: The Anthology of the Houston Internationial
Poetry held in April 2002. The featured readers for
this event are the three co-founders of HIP: Lisa
Grable, Caroline Ross and Tina Cardona.
The reading is Tuesday, August 13, at 7:30 p.m. at
Borders Books at the corner of West Alabama and Kirby.

This poetry event is free and is part of an ongoing
series held the second Tuesday of every month. AN

Come on out and throw tomatoes at me or something. Better yet, bring some of your poetry and read it.

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