You too can be Trend-y.

Hey bloggers, do you want to be ahead of the curve? C’mon, bloggers always want to blog the Next Cool Thing, right? It’s what y’all do.

What if I told you that you could learn a set of skills that will train your mind to scan the cultural horizon for the emerging trends, extract possible implications, and then build pictures of emerging future worlds?

What if I told you that you could get an M.S. degree by sitting in a salon setting discussing the interactions of demographics, global technopolitics, genetics, and pop culture over cups of coffee?

Well, okay, you do have to write a few papers and read a few books. (Like about forty million.) But the classes rock.

Well the gem in Houston’s backyard is the Studies of the Future program at the University of Houston at Clear Lake. Tell me, what other regional college draws enrollment from five continents? If you’re from Houston, you are missing out on an educational opportunity that’s recognized world-wide.

Not from Houston? No problem. The UHCL Future Studies program has two courses newly available online for the coming academic year — Intro to Future Studies and Systems Thinking. They’re in the process of creating web versions of all the courses so you can get the degree without having to live in Houston for any period. Application details are here if you’re interested.

This is a shameless plug for my graduate Alma Mater. Most Futures Program graduates I know describe their lives in terms of “before” and “after” getting this degree. I think of my life in the same way. Sorry if I sound too much like a commercial, but I am a dedicated alumnus (not a paid promoter) and I want to see this degree program succeed.

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