Family Circle

This weekend we are going on an overnight family retreat. Our parish is going to be the guinea pigs who try out the family facilities at the Galveston-Houston Diocese’s new Circle Lake Retreat Center. Since we’re taking along everyone down to the seven-month old, we should give the family facilities an old-fashioned maximum load test.

And, just in time for us to go on family retreat, I got leads on two very good family resources from, both developed by Brigham Young University in order to help build stronger families. One is an excellent informational site called Forever Families and the other, Family Together, is an actual family-strengthening *program* online. It offers interactive family assessment tools and lessons with activities for families to do together. They also offer feedback and a final assessment after you complete the program.

These are great resources if you are non-denominational and not formally associated with a Church or your local Church organization does not have a strong enough family life ministry to offer a good family development course. Who knows, we may do it ourselves as a follow-through to our upcoming retreat. I’m certainly going to tell our family life minister about them.

This last week of summer before school starts will have to be the week we establish the School Year Routine and transition from the carefree summer mode. It will be a week of family meetings and rule setting, so what a good week to be thinking about healthy family dynamics. Family relationships are like marriage relationships in that they need to be worked on and nurtured. Thanks Be To God I have a wife who holds that kind of work as a strong value.

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