I'm so there

If you know anything about alternative culture in Houston, you know about the Orange Show and its foundation. And like me you probably have also seen the Beer Can House on Malone Street. Well, I’ve only seen if from the street because historically the folk art landmark has been a private residence and it’s not polite to go knock on a door and say, “Hey, can I gawk at your freaky house?” (though some people just let themselves onto the grounds, I hear.)

Now for the first time in ever, The Orange Show will be holding a party IN THE BEER CAN HOUSE! Hoo! It’s Wednesday, September 18th. It is their 20th Anniversary Party and they are having it at The Beer Can House from 7-10 pm, 222 Malone Street! It’s doubling as their volunteer appreciation party and they need volunteers to run it.

I’ll volunteer. I’ve volunteered for the Art Car Ball a few years and it was a blast. Being able to get up close to the most famous pile of beer cans in the country is an added bonus. If you’re from Houston, or if you’ll be in town, you can volunteer too.

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