Best-Kept Coffee Secret in Houston

I dislike restaraunt coffee as a rule, unless the place, like Brasil or Empire Cafe, is known for its good coffee. Usually if coffee is on the menu lumped in with the other beverages, it’s that pre-ground, in a can, green-tasting, underroasted, stale swill.

There are some places, like Kaldi Cafe or Farrago where the coffee is fabulous. Usually I will ask where they get their coffee if it’s good and both of these places said they serve Lola Savannah coffee.

I was disappointed not to have found a new cool coffee hotspot — they are not a cafe, they are a roastery that supplies restaraunts around Houston. But they’re located in the warehouse district about a stone’s throw from Atomic Cafe and Last Concert Cafe. I found them once on a trip to downtown. Walked right in and got two pounds of coffee still fresh and warm from the roaster. My car smelled yummy for a week. If I lived in the Dakota Lofts or somewhere downtown, I’d drink no other coffee. Nothing like fresh-roasted coffee.

I am sort of a coffee snob. Actually I am not so much of a snob about the kind of beans I buy. I am a snob about the *way* my coffee is made. Clean clear water, clean equipment, recently roasted beans, and it must go directly from the grinder to the coffee maker with no delay. Do those things and it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s the celebrated Kona or a humble Guatemalan bean. Coffee is coffee to me if you make it right and it’s fresh.

Since my discovery I’m always on the lookout for places that serve Lola Savannah coffee. I’m hoping to find a regular hookup that doesn’t involve a drive into town. Mornings Kolaches in the Clear Lake area serves it, for instance. But they don’t move a lot of coffee out of their shop and I fear the beans they have are too old for my taste. And now the coffee shop around the corner from me, Kenny J’s, sells several of their flavored coffees. They won’t sell Lola Savanna’s regular coffees because they’d compete with Kenny J’s main bean supplier. Drats. I picked up a pound of their Vanilla Nut this morning on principle. I want the stuff to sell there to keep the hope alive that Kenny J’s might keep selling Lola Savannah coffees. You gotta support what you believe in with your dollars, you know?

Speaking of coffee discoveries and supporting what you believe in with your dollars, Elaine of H-Town Bloggers fame turned me on to a new downtown cyber cafe called Kaveh Kanes. They have late weekday hours, impeccable espresso, a WIFI node, and ethernet connections. I’m taking my wife back there at our next convenience and the next time I need to spend a day deep in concentration doing some writing and consulting work, I’m taking my laptop there.

Rambling on about coffee again… I guess it could have something to do with the quadruple espresso I drank this morning. Oh surley not.

2 thoughts on “Best-Kept Coffee Secret in Houston

  1. Can’t really say. I go to Bedrock Comics out in my neck of the woods, but I doubt it’s the best in Houston. I’ve been to Nan’s Comics and its selection is much larger.

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