I love Licorice, but it’s hard to find in any variety. Apparently, there are people who find Licorice to be too strong a flavor. Yes, really.

And it is a *flavor*. Single. There are *not* multiple flavors of licorice! I’ve seen abominations such as Bannana and Chocolate “Licorice” selling right out in the open at my local Target, right where young children can see them and permanently stunt their proper formation of candy taxonomy. If it is not black and flavored with anise, it is NOT, in any way whatsoever, real Licorice!

So among the fifteen flavors of Licorice-stick-shaped abomination selling at Target, was there any *real* Licorice? No. Such is the life of the Licorice lover. Marginalized to stores where they sell expensive foreign candy like Toblerone and Haribo Gummi Bears, a true Licorice devotee is always on the hunt for a purer, more novel formulation of the sweet black gold.

Now I’ve found a Licorice portal of sorts — a Licorice Finder where dozens upon dozens of Licorice brands can be browsed and purchased. Finally. The Internet delivers again. I love the Internet.

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