A Little Window

On weekdays, especially now that school has started, I have a little window of time to spend with my kids. I get home at 5:00 and my kids go to bed at 8 or 9-ish. That leaves me three hours a night to spend with my children.

Somehow, with dinner to fix and clean up after, that time seems to just fly by. I find myself bathing an putting them to bed before I’ve even gotten a chance to do much with them. I can’t let that time go by mindlessly. Though I often do.

Last night Heidi gave me a nice gift. Mr. Freshpants wanted to go play immediately after dinner and Heidi told me she’d do the dishes (she cooked too, the dishes are usually my job) and I got to go spend some “floor time” in his room. We played with cars and made lots of vroom sounds.

Then I got to spend some time working with Girlzilla on her spelling homework and then she and I worked on a journal/blog page we are putting together for her. I showed her how to make an HTML link.

Nothing very grand, but that forty-five minutes or so with them made me realize that I need to block out some time for each of my kids every day. As regular as prayer. It is prayer of a fashion, isn’t it?

It’s a small window and it closes so easily. Especially when you’re not looking. Lord, help me to see.

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