Labor Day Listening

I can just be walking along and break into a chuckle for no reason that is apparent to the casual observer. Usually when I do this it is because something I saw or overheard reminded me of one of Kevin Kling’s stories.

For instance, after I heard Kevin talk on NPR about his recovery from a motorcycle accident, I will never again encounter a cocktail weenie without a little chuckle. And not for the reason you might guess.

Any long term listener to NPR will probably have heard one of Kevin Kling’s commentaries or stories. I bought both of his CDs, one of which almost killed our entire family. Heidi was driving us to San Antonio and laughed so hard while listening to Kevin describe his harrowing experience marching behind the Clydesdales in a Labor Day parade that I had to grab the steering wheel for a few moments. He does some of the best spoken word stuff around.

So, if you have a little time and bandwidth to spare, his fan page has a more or less thorough archive of his online recordings. His irreverent yet loving skew on American life in general and Minnesota in particular will make good Labor Day Weekend listening. Enjoy.

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