My post-post

Wanna know the key to instant hipness? Wanna strike that Gen-X pose that says to the world that you’re too with-it and aware to succumb mindlessly to the trends and institutions of this world? Apparently all you gotta do is be “Post-” Something. If you’re post-something, you are so over that. And everyone seems to want to be “so over” something and let everybody else know it.

Postmodermism is all the rage in academia. If you turn your nose up at the Dead White Male “Classical” Liberal Arts and opt for Women’s or Multicultural studies, you might already be postmodern. (Hmm… I could see an entire Jeff Foxworthy-esque schtick here that would just leave ’em in stitches at the Semiotics Colloquim — “You might be a postmodernist if…”)

If you see yourself as a “spiritual but not religious” person, hey! You’re “Post-Secular”! Are you a clod when it comes to dating? You can be “Post-Romantic.”

It works for me too. I don’t dress in frumpy clothes I got on sale at the Big and Tall shop, I’m “Post-Fashion.” I’m not a geek, I’m “Post-Cool.” I’m not fat and sedentary, I’m “Post-Fitness.” Yes, I’m so over all that stuff. Aren’t I hipper-than-thou? And all I needed was this handy new prefix.

Actually it’s not a new prefix. Postmodernism has been around for quite some time. In fact, I’ve read of some who’ve used the term post-post-modernism to lament how tired the Postmodernist school of thought has become over the last (what, forty?) years. I thought “schools of thought” were supposed to stick around longer than that. Like several hundred years. Apparently post-post-modernists have gotten so over being so over modernism. And in record time.

Actually I don’t think that “post-post-” should be allowed. You should only get one “post-” before your particular school of thought has to think up its own name. The Classicists and the Modernists came up with their own names. It’s only fair.

And can you change your mind and be “pre-post-“? If you decide that the books of Dead White Males weren’t so bad after all, does that make you a pre-postmodernist? I try to be spiritual and religious as well. Does that make me pre-postsecular?

And this page started out as a blog, but became more like a journal for a while, but now has the charateristics of both. Welcome to my pre-post-blog.

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