Pen Geek

I love to collect pens. Not your Levenger catalog, too expensive, so nice you’re afraid to use it because you might lose it pens. I’m talking the hidden treasure in the office supply cabinet for people who actually write with pens a lot pens.

It’s a great time time be a pen lover, what with the smooth-rolling gel inks and advanced roller ball technology these days. I had to pick up a prescription at the drug store this morning and I purchased a Sanford Uni-ball Vision Elite while I was waiting. This is a nice, very smooth pen with a very eye-pleasing design. A pleasure to write with. This is one you let people borrow only if you will have your eyes on them the whole time.

The Papermate Gel.Max pen I tried wrote in nice bold strokes. Not as smooth as the Vision Elite, but it lends a satisfying scratch to my writing that makes me feel like I’m Getting Something Done.

While both of those are nice for variety, neither are in danger of filling the place I hold in my heart for the Pilot G-2 Gel pen which is still my all-time favorite and which I greedily hoarde.

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