From my Daily Seed:

“‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God is One.’ If you see this in the
pure simplicity of your mind, you will somehow be bathed in the
brilliance of eternal light.”
– Bonaventure –

And then Phil St. Romain, whose online efforts and writing I greatly admire, adds that Bonaventure’s comment on the One God implies that there can be no other Gods for me in my life.

Seems to me that in the old times those Other Gods were more overt and therefore easier to avoid. The False Gods of today that sway my attention are so entwined into modern life that they cannot be avoided completely. I must instead learn to calm the desires aroused by my interactions with the World, thus depriving these False Gods of their power over me. Easier said than done.

And so what is at the end of my Daily Seed post? An appropos passage from “The Imitation of Christ”:

“True peace of heart, then, is found in disciplining passions, not in
satisfying them. There is no peace in the carnal person, in the one
given to vain attractions, but there is peace in the fervent and
spiritual person.”

True peace can be found in discipline. Indeed, Daily Seed. This Discipline thing is the theme God seems to be hammering me with lately. I just pray I can follow through.

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