Weevils, Dog Puke, and an Endoplasmic Reticulum

Heidi called for sympathy while I was in a meeting yesterday. The message she left said she’d found more weevils in our pantry, thus necessitating another industrial strength purge. We suspect we’re bringing them home in too-old pasta bags bought from a local mom-n-pop grocery store. So yesterday was Heidi on the home front battling the weevils. Thank God I have someone in my life who battles weevils for me while I am at work.

(And clean underwear. I can’t tell you the Joy of having someone who makes clean fluffy underwear just appear in your drawer. A Domestic Godess, that woman.)

In her message she also was lamenting the green stuff running from Petunia’s nose and worrying that she was sick. I said no biggie. One of the blessings of Heidi being a stay at home mom is that we can let our kids be sick. As long as Petunia is not in distress and has no high fever or dehydration, we can let her have a cold and let her give her budding immune system a chance to get some exercise. Back when we were both working, we pretty much had to go to the doctor with Girlzilla’s every illness and get antibiotics because her sickness meant absence time from work that we could ill afford.

Later in the day, Heidi called me to tell me about the three pools of dog puke she had to clean up. Killing bugs, Picking up poop, and cleaning up pools of body fluids is my job when I’m home. But I wasn’t home. She said she was calling to let me know so she could get “Full Credit”.

I’d say she deserved extra credit. Did I mention I love my wife?

So I walk in the door and Girlzilla is stringing de-weeviled macaroni together.

“Dad, do plant cells have endoplasmic reticulums?”
“I dunno. Look it up. What… are… you making?”
“An endoplasmic reticulum.”

It’s been a long time since my Life Science class, but I don’t think a string of macaroni makes a good endoplasmic reticulum. She had resourcefully gathered Life Savers for vesicles, pinto beans for mitochondria, but there was nothing just laying around that looked like an endoplasmic reticulum. So after a fish stick dinner, a Girl Scout rally in which I somehow ended up registered as a Girl Scout even though I didn’t attend, and finishing up Mr. Freshpants’ Ikea Bed From Hell assembly (It took me three days. I don’t want to talk about it.), Girlzilla and I made an endoplasmic reticulum using a picture off of the Internet and some of my polymer clay. I baked her endoplasmic reticulum as she got ready for bed.

So at 9:00, de-weeviled, de-puked, kids in bed, and fresh baked homework cooling on the kitchen counter, Heidi and I collpased on the couch and watched a well-deserved mindless hour of CSI on TV. “Us Time.” Ahhh…

And BTW, plant cells *do* have endoplasmic reticulums. We looked it up.

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