Should be ashamed.

Click here for NAKED PIX OF AMY WYNN PASTOR!!!!!
Free pix of Amy Wynn Nude!
Yes, Amy Wynn Pastor is TOTALLY NUDE!!
Naked Amy Wynn Pastor pics!!!!

The above lines are a blog entry version of what I see when I check my referrer logs. Lots of attempts to see Amy Wynn Pastor naked. Before I was just annoyed, now I am disgusted. I included the above four lines in hopes that this page comes up first in the search results of the CRETINOUS SALAMI-SLAPPING JERKWEEDS who are so persistently looking for this when there are NO such pictures on the Internet.

Yes, I’m talking to you, butt-wipe. Quit searching for naughty pictures of nice women. Get back to your homework or whatever. Let another library patron use this computer. And wipe off the keyboard before you leave. Yuck.

Yes, I’m cranky.

2 thoughts on “Should be ashamed.

  1. who are you name calling why do you have a site anyway stop wasting my time stop wasting everyones time including your own nobody wants to know your thoughts! just becouse sa man wants to check out a hot woman naked so what! poor amy wynn whats so poor abuot her shes blessed with hotness,theirs nothing wrong about a beutifull woman we have eyes so we can look at things women are one of them.maybe you should try opening yours when your dead youmight not be able to!!! you should try masturbation its a great way to releive stress which it seems you have alot of then try getting out of the library live your life dont waste it worrying about other peoples!!!! good luck!!!!

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