My Bobo-Nature

I came home from the Beer Can House last night via Whole Foods Market. I hadn’t been in a long while and I was gonna get supplies, mainly toiletries, that I cannot acquire easily out in the Burbs where I live. Well, it’s a dangerous thing to go to Whole Foods when you’re hungry, you’re loosened up by St. Arnold’s, and you’ve already had your bohemian nature primed by a visit to one of the country’s famous Folk Art Environments.

I got everything I need and a lot of stuff I don’t need. Like Sea Salt, Turbinado Sugar, and Arabic Couscous. Like a pound of Costa Rica Dota coffee that was just roasted that morning. Like smallish chunks of three different makes of gourmet couverture (70% cocoa or more) — El Rey from Venezuela, Valrhona from France, and Scarffen Berger from the good old USA. Like Manchega, Parmesan, and Gruyere cheeses. Like Goat Cheese and sourdough baguettes which, along with our raspberry chipotle sauce, will make a very special late night treat for my wife and me.

I’m a sucker for single-source gourmet food products I don’t need. I went from being Bohemian to being Bourgeois in the space of a half hour. Just yesterday morning I was contemplating my Buddha-Nature in the light of my Christian Faith. This morning I am contemplating my Bobo-Nature in the light of my own hypocritical materialism.

And then, in an attempt to center the needle on my Bourgeois-Bohemian Meter, I turned to the ever-eclectic KTRU and listened to some spoken word poetry by slam poet Alix Olson on the way home. And that was a telling picture — me listening to a hip left-wing poet rant about materialism as I drive home with my bag full of gourmet goodies and organic toiletries.

Sigh. The Struggle continues within. I win some and I lose some. Need to meditate and read more Thomas Merton. Meanwhile I am enjoying some damn good chocolate for dessert. It’s low-fat, low-sugar, and high in anti-oxidants. Want some?

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