Social Butterfly

I’m just a big fat social butterfly. That’s me.

Friday night, Heidi and our neighbor Cindy (our “Ethel”) went out and saw The Banger Sisters while I watched the kids at home. I am usually all too happy to accommodate Heidi so she can enjoy a chick flick without me. Luckily, I had anticipated an estrogen imbalance and rented some testosterone-laden movies I knew she’d hate earlier in the day. So I was gonna “guy out” after the babies went to bed. Oh, but Girzilla had her friend Erlene over to stay the night and Cindy and Dan’s (our Fred and Ethel) kid Little Ricky was over just hanging out. So I figured I might as well invite Dan (our Fred) over for beer and guy movies while the Girls were out bonding. And then I ordered pizza to complete the Guy Trifecta — beer, pizza, and a kung fu vampire movie.

It worked out perfectly. The big kids behaved. The little kids went to bed on time. And as a bloody Wesley Snipes had just kicked the final undead ass, the girls came home from their movie and we all sat down to play cards. I stayed up later than I planned. I got heartburn from the pizza. And the evening ended on a bizarre note as we all sat down to watch the Dueling Banjos Inbred Kid scene from Deliverance. Not the movie mind you, but just that scene. It’s a long story. And I don’t recommend going to bed when the last thing you’ve seen that night is the Inbred Banjo Boy from Deliverance. But it was still a good evening overall.

Saturday I went down to Kaveh Kanes and had afternoon coffee with some of the H-Town Bloggers. I liked this outing better than the one at Little Woodrow’s. I am a coffee bar person much more than a beer bar person. That and we were indoors in the AC and Kaveh Kanes makes the best iced coffee ever. I mean ever. I drank it until they ran out. Best iced coffee ever.

I took Petunia with me to meet the bloggers and she was suitably charming. She did all of the things that people who don’t have young children like to see in other peoples’ babies and none of the things that people who don’t have young children do not want to see in other peoples’ babies. Those things usually involve bodily fluids like tears, vomit, pee, snot, or blood. But Petunia kept her fluids in check and cooed, smiled, and was generally what adults term a “Good Baby” which means she was generally quiet. She just sat there and looked cute. I could learn a lot from a baby.

Houston has a pretty darn amiable group of blog people and I had a good time visiting with them. I soaked up a lot of blogging juju, being the little guy amongst the more accomplished bloggers. It was fun. The time I had to spend with them went too quickly. I only had two hours to visit cause I had to go home and get ready for the evening of Honky-Tonkin’.

Yep, Heidi and I got a sitter and met about a dozen or so of our friends at Joe’s Barbecue, which is an Alvin Institution, and then drove up the road to the thriving metropolis of Manvel to kick it at Eddie’s Country Ballroom. It’s this big country dance place where kids are allowed to go. The place was packed with kids, which was the first point of cognitive dissonance for the evening — a smoky longneck honky-tonk bar teeming with underagers. The biggest, and perhaps most unsettling cognitive dissonance for the evening was the band, The Emotions. After the first few surprisingly good two-step numbers, they broke out in a hip-hop beat and the guy in the band started rapping a top forty tune. White guy in cowboy hat, Lilly white honky-tonk, rap music. There were even country booty girls dancing on stage. That’s just not right. I enjoy rap music, but in some other setting. Maybe I’m just old and not hip to some fresh Honky-Tonk Rap trend. Whatever, anyway, that’s how they went all evening — three or four two-step country songs followed by a hip-hop rap song. My friends and Heidi and I were old fogies and we left before 11:00.

So you’d think I’d have done enough socializing this weekend by now, but in a hour I’m going to play tennis with about seven of my friends (two courts of course) and then I teach Sunday School tonight after Mass. I’m a party animal.

And now I am looking for a cold-filter apparatus so I can make good Iced Coffee like Kaveh Kanes.

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