Sleepy pop

The bedtime routine goes like this: two to four little books ending with Goodnight Moon, two or three songs, and prayers. When it comes to what to sing, I’m in a rut. I’m not big on kid’s music, so lately I’ve been ending with James Taylor’s You’ve got a friend, which turns out to be a very good pop song to sing to a little kid at bedtime.

When Mr. Freshpants was a babe in arms I would sing to him Elton John’s Levon for some inexplicable reason. But that would not be not very appropriate for bedtime. You’d really mess up a kid’s dreams by singning lines like, “And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus…”

So, here’s a pop culture exercise: What other pop songs are out there that would fill this bill well. They’d have to be soothing and the subject matter would have to at least be somewhat appropriate to be the little kid’s last thought before going to sleep. Help me out here. James Taylor is great, but I’d like to vary my routine a bit.

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