CSI: Las Vegas trumps Miami

I’ve seen the season premiers of both CSI and CSI: Miami. Las Vegas is the better show hands down.

But hey, the Miami one is at least true to the CSI formula, which is what makes it a winner. It’s just that the cast is so much more joyless and melodramatic. Instead they ought to be happier considering their incredible luck of getting on this show. With both David Caruso and Kim Delaney, the show looks like a halfway house for artists recovering from Colossally Bad Career Decisions. Soon they’ll be adding Sinbad and David Lee Roth to the cast.

The thing that bothers me most about the show — although I don’t see any way for the creative team to get around it — is that the characters walk around telling each other basic science that their characters damn well better already know if they’re gonna be forensic scientists. They don’t *need* to tell each other, but they tell each other because they need some way to tell *us*. Hey, maybe they could pilot a “pop-up” CSI where the characters don’t explain any science at all but every subtle science tidbit appears as a pop-up bubble on the screen. Just an idea.

And the coroner on CSI: Miami talks lovingly to the bodies which just creeps me way the hell out.

But hey, it’s still CSI so it’s all good. Every season I have one show that I will make some effort to watch. This season it’s CSI, but it’s harder cause there are two nights. Well, I really only *have* to make Thursday night because that’s the one I like best.

One thought on “CSI: Las Vegas trumps Miami

  1. I prefer CSI, by far. I am irritated that as of today they are taking the 10:30PM and 11:30PM Saturday night programs off. I liked staying up to watch them. They showed some oldies. What Can be done about it?

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