Squeaky Snacks

On a whim the other day, I bought a jar of Wheat Nuts. Yeah, I just had this vague yearning for some pressed wheat germ. Yum.

Not bad tasing. Nice and nutty. Still just as much fat as reqular nuts. And when you bite through a handful, there’s this barely perceptible squeak. Kind of like you’re eating pieces of styrofoam. And the wheat germ is pressed into these shapes that resemble the odd hardware bits you get with Ikea furniture. Then again maybe that’s just residual trauma from my Ikea bed from Hell assembly fiasco.

But, despite my oh so flattering description above, I love them. They must have some sort of a cult following. How can such an odd little snack still sell well enough to be in just about every grocery store without much advertising for so many years? When was the last time you saw a Wheat Nuts commercial? See?

It’s a niche market, I guess. There are lots of crunchy snacks out there, but only one that squeaks.

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