Closing on Petunia

This morning Heidi and I are going downtown to read and sign documents attesting to our willingness and readiness to adopt Petunia. It’s like a house closing — initial here, sign there — except a house isn’t gonna want you to take it to the mall in thirteen years.

So it’s a happy occasion. Petunia will be our child. This was all so quick it hardly seems real. It almost feels like we stole her — she’s such a beautiful baby! At first I could not understand why her birth mother could sign her rights away so quickly like that, but now I just give thanks that Petunia’s mother loved her enough to bring her to term.

So we and our lawyer are shooting to be ready for finalizing on National Adoption Day. Then we’ll baptize both Petunia and Mr. Freshpants and have ourselves a big ol’ Catholic whoop-te-do.

And, I’m happy to say that she no longer resembles Senator Phil Gramm. (scroll down to the June 18th entry)

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