How blogging is like dating

Blissfully Bitter no longer links me. She got a new site and left my URL off her new sidebar. Sigh. I remember the early days, she linked me, I bookmarked her… I guess ultimately it’s my fault. I never fully linked her back. I failed to commit. I can’t blame her for moving on.

This whole linking thing really takes me back to high school. You’ve got the girl you admire who you link to and just hope she’ll notice you and link back. There’s the popular kid who goes to all the parties and has legions of friends and you wish you could be in that crowd — except you really aren’t each others’ type and trying to be friends with her just because she’s popular would be like way too shallow even for me. There are link sluts, the type your mamma warned you about. And then there are the A-list girls you admire from afar without the slightest hope that they’ll ever know who you are. But all that’s okay ’cause you’ve got a few close friends and that’s what you really are there for anyway.

Now that I think about it, naw, blogging is nothing like high school. But don’t y’all tell Rebecca Blood I liked her blog because if she found out I’d just die.

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