Fed up with Democracy

I am a big believer in Blogger. I am all for services that allow people to get their feet wet in the world of web content for free or cheap. Blogger is a democratizing force on the Internet — any service that will make it possible for a homeless guy to blog is a great thing.

That’s why I stick with it. I am envious of web sites powered by Moveable Type and Radio, since they indeed look like superior technical products. But Blogger Pro works for me okay, and paying for it helps enable the free part of their mission. I like that.

But I am about at the end of my rope with Blogspot. It is so incredibly slow right now because the service is so crowded. (If you’re reading this, thanks for hanging in to read me. You have more patience than I do.)

I’m not that democratic. I will not sit by as my loading speeds, along with my visitor hit counts, crawl to a halt. Blogspot is too big. I like that it’s free for people, but bandwidth is not unlimited and it should be under better stewardship. What’s wrong with limiting the number of hosted blogs to a reasonable number, making newer people wait until capacity can hold them? I’ve been paying on Blogspot for more than a year now and (call me selfish) resent that people cashing in on freebies are eroding my site’s loadability. If there’s something I can pay to get on a priority server, let me know, I’ll pay it. I don’t want to leave Blogger. But I don’t think I can put up with these crawling loading times much longer!

Anybody have a lead on good cheap web site hosting? I’m looking.

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