Linkin' for the Weekend

Here’s a suggested Weekend Itinerary:

First, spark up some streaming music from an exotic locale using the MIT Radio Locator.
Then spend about ten minutes and read ten books at Book a Minute. (damn popups!)
Another ten minutes, ten feature films at The Editing Room.
Read a damn fine Internet journal of (unabridged) fiction and poetry.
Browse the shorts at Atom Films. Makes me glad I have broadband. Can spend a lot a lot of time here!
Visit the Internet Archive. I hear from reliable sources that this is the best site on the Internet. All I know is that, like all great sites, you can get lost in there and not really mind.
TheOoze, postmodern hipster ministry, is having their annual Soularize conference this weekend. Attend vicariously and read some of their articles.
Play the Game Neverending. I dare not even go there. Well, maybe.
Brush up my web searching skills.
Catch up on one of my favorite online comics.
And, since I just got a new flatbed scanner, I need to finally learn how to use Paint Shop Pro.

Or maybe I’ll just watch T.V. and play with the kids. But you guys go on ahead without me, ‘kay?

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