Girlzilla warning

Girlzilla saved me yesterday. I was taking her to school since both of us were running late and to get to her school we have to go through El Lago. El Lago is a small municipality that makes its entire revenue from traffic tickets. To that end, they have a 20 mph speed limit everywhere in El Lago and the cops’ll stop you if you clock at 22. So I got pulled over yesterday trying to get Girlzilla to school as quickly as possible (I was going 28).

But then a great thing happened. Girlzilla saw the guy get out and said “That’s officer King. I can get you out of this.”

“Um, just let me do the talking, okay?” I said as I pulled out my license. I rolled down my window and was opening my mouth to say something like “What seems to be the problem officer?” (of course, both of us knew exactly what the problem was) when Girlzilla interjected in the sweet-talk voice she reserves for people who buy her gifts and do her special favors. “Hi, Officer King! Daddy, Officer King is my D.A.R.E. teacher. I love D.A.R.E.”

“Hey, sweetie.” He said and smiled. Then she turned on the charm. I was amazed. Here was Girlzilla, a child for whom Webster’s has added two more definitons for the word “surly”, wrapping this guy around her finger. From what I can tell the boys she will date in five years or so are in very big trouble. Granted I knew she could be quite pleasant, even fun to be around, but this was another creature altogether sitting beside me smiling and talking about how she loves her D.A.R.E. shirt.

So after their brief conversation, he looked at me and his smile turned into an “another day, bucko” kind of expression and gave me a Talking-To and let me off with a warning.

The bigger warning I got was about my daughter, who apparently has the one-two punch of infectious charm and strong-headed determination that is going to make her teenage years with us either very troublesome or very rewarding. Probably both.

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