I love the smell of Ugly Berber in the morning…..

….It smells like motivation.

I got new carpet in my cubicle last night. Instead of old, dirty, coffee stained ugly blue berber, we have brand new carpety-smelling ugly blue berber. It’s that kind that, back in my landlord days, (that’s a whole nother post) I would have ordered for the rentals because they don’t show wear and it’s cheap and it’s ugly as sin. It’s mostly dark blue but has little specks of every other color so that, no matter what you spill, it’ll match the carpet. I don’t understand why they didn’t just order coffee and dirt colored carpet.

In preparation I had to pack all my office into boxes and stuff everything that didn’t go into boxes into my desk. I came in today and had to reconstitute my work environment — my geekosphere, so to speak. While I had all the horizontal surfaces cleared, I dusted and cleaned. So except for the occasional wisp of office berber fuzz, I am in a spankin’ specimen of cubosity. I tossed paper clutter. I pared down my tchotchkes and bulletin board brickabrack. I washed the eight month old to-do list from my white board.

What’s more, tomorrow is Health and Safety Day around here, which doubles as a cleanup day as well. So I thought I’d tackle my desk and clean that out too. So like the long lost white fat member of OutKast, I’m So Fresh and So Clean. I’m inspired. Maybe I’ll clean my car. Maybe I’ll clean out my briefcase. Maybe all this gusto will spill over into home…

I’ve been in a weekend-long holding cycle. Work, caring for kids, meals, taking care of daily obligations, TV and then bed. No energy, no ambition, no drive to do anything More. So I’ll seize on anything — even an ugly berber update — to kick start me out of the little rut I’m in.

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