Some you just gotta follow, some you dont

I look at my referrer logs to see who’s visiting. Every blogger does.

(BTW, I notice a distinct increase in the number of people from my work domain that read my site. Could youse guys please ID yourself? It’s an unsettling feeling to walk around at work and wonder who’s reading your private thoughts and blather. No pressure, but it’d be nice if you’d surface in my comments. Don’t be a lurker coworker.)

And like every blogger, I am amused at the search terms that lead them to my site. I usually avoid the “look what I found in my referrer logs” type of entry, but sometimes you read a search and say to yourself, “Hey, I want to know that too.”

So when a search really intrigues me, I often follow just to check it out. I couldn’t resist this one — Semiotics and Outkast.

I was disappointed by the results cause I didn’t find anyone talking about the semiotics of Outkast. But I did find a good hipper-than-me blog called Hipster Detritus that I plan to read in the future. It’s all about the connections.

On the other hand, I have no desire to know about “teens in peed diapers”. If you do, get off my page.

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