The Big Day

Today is the day. After a whirlwind stint as a foster child in our home, Petunia goes to court today to finalize the adoption.

Houston celebrates National Adoption Day today, so it should be quite the “to do.”

Only other foster parents can truly appreciate how astounding this is. She was placed with us in early January as a foster and we’re finalizing adopting by November. Record time. This for a child that would have gone on the private adoption block for tens of thousands of dollars. (Don’t get me started on what I think of the baby market, um, I mean, the private adoption process.) So instead of spending tens of thousands to adopt her, we’ll just put that money toward her college education.

The key here, the reason why she went through the system so quickly and cleanly I guess, is that nobody fought for her.

Except us.

We are extraordinarily blessed.

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