My Thanksgiving Vacation by the Numbers

Children baptized: 2
People gathered to celebrate baptism: 80
People who RSVP’d to celebrate baptism: 120
Pounds of leftover food from baptism party: 5000
Amount raised for the Gabriel Project: $2000 (Thanks!)
Thanksgiving meals eaten: 3
Miles traveled: 900
Hours in car: 20
Average number of hours to reach Poteau, Oklahoma in one stretch: 9.5
Longest car trip Petunia can withstand without screaming uncontrollably: 9.0
Blocks from destination that Girlzilla became carsick: 2
Number of days, despite cleaning, that the carsick smell lingers: approx. 5
Number of games of dominoes played: 17.5
Number of games of dominoes won: 11.5
Number of arguments over politics/religion: 3
Number of detailed discussions of elderly relatives’ health: 7
Number of restaraunts open on Thanksgiving morning in Poteau, Oklahoma: 1
Capacity of open restaraunt: 30
Number of people wanting to eat out on Thanksgiving morning in Poteau, Oklahoma: approx. 40
Number of grumpy workers for above open restaraunt: 3
Difference, in points, between the Texas Longhorns’ score and the Texas A&M Aggies’ score: 30 (Hook ’em!)
Number of disappointed OU fans in Okie family: approx. 45
Average time, in minutes, Mr. Freshpants stayed in his chair per meal stop: 5
Average time, in minutes, his tired parents tried to make him sit at dinner: 7
Number of Clarks cheering upon arrival at the homestead at Forest Lake: 4
Number of Clarks screaming uncontrollably upon arrival: 1
Days to recover from relaxing vacation: undetermined
Number of fond memories generated: uncountable

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