Creature Tech

I am always a little self-conscious when I indulge my appetite for Graphic Novels. I mean, a grown man reading comic books? Tsk. Especially since unfinished copies of works by Delillo and Pyncheon languish within my arm’s reach. But I finished this book the other day that redeems my entire habit — Creature Tech by Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel.

Until Creature Tech, I only had the Sandman series to justify my interest in comic books as a literary one. Creature Tech is bizarre, action-packed (like a good comic, er, Graphic Novel, should be), funny, touching, and oddly spiritual. An Iron Giant-esque spritual allegory is woven throughout, so the book has points to make about family and spirit that elevate the far-out Sci-fi plot.

I bought it on the basis of a cursory flip-through and the recommendation of the clerk, who said it was “really good.” Turns out it got ecstatic reviews and has been snapped up for movie rights. That’s one ticket I’ll buy. I’ll probably read it a few more times before then.

Creature Tech. Check it out.

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