poetry: Advent

In blog mode now, I found a page of Advent Poetry. Some nice stuff there. My favorite is below:

to think God came
to me
within, a larva in the fullness
of time, mine

and in His time, pupal
was the stage most love
before the Chrysalis

: Him hung up, dangling even
as if out to dry

til He burst forth His cocoon!

His soul set free (to show
us ours might likewise fly), and thus
He fluttered, everso aerie, breath-

less, that is, still as breath (as
breath withheld, not breath blown

in) for us, as an ephemera here,
for all time He is, the True

genus species: Monarchus christus

— Carl Winderl

This poem appeared in Christianity and the Arts, Winter 1998.

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