Heidi Week, Day 2: Truck Cake Manifesto

A picture tells it all:

The Truck Cake

This was the cake Heidi whipped up for Mr. Freshpants’ birthday last Sunday. Yep, he’s three now. It was a small family celebration with a cake and a few presents. But the cake Heidi made for Mr. Freshpants is emblematic of one of the things I admire most about my wife.

Moments after I snapped this (bad) picture, Mr. Freshpants face lit up as he saw the cake and immediately wanted “my truck.” Moments after I snapped this picture, he beamed as we sang “Happy Birthday”, delighted to be the center of attention and surrounded by so much love. Moments after I snapped this picture, this cake, made from scratch, which took trips to two different stores and two hours of careful assembly, was totally demolished. Aside from maybe this picture, no one will remember the cake. There is no way Mr. Freshpants is able to appreciate or remember the little touch of extra love mommy prepared for him. Mr. Freshpants is an in-the-moment kind of guy. Mommy made his moment extra special.

Heidi has a knack for making people’s moments extra special. She is not a Martha Stewart type, taking extra steps to show her considerable homemaking prowess to impress guests. But when it comes to making people feel special, feel loved, and feel like family, she turns on the afterburners.

I only half joke that Heidi is a professional mom. I laugh when I say that I lured her away from a lucrative career as a PR professional in a high-rise downtown to come be a professional household manager. But the job she does is professional. that part is no joke.

She is professional no matter what she does. Now that she is a SAHM, she has totally aligned what she does in life with what she wants in life with what God apparently created her to be in life. She is focused, single-minded, and a true by-God professional at what she does. She studies, reads books, scans trade publications, even attends seminars on how to be a better mom and build a better, closer family. She’s no “Super Mom” archetype. She doesn’t put on the airs of a woman who “does it all.” Her brownies will not make you feel inferior about yours. She wants you to be at ease in her home and yours too.

And unlike me, she does what she believes and puts touches of that in everything she does. Unlike me, she doesn’t have a web page where she posts manifestos about what she believes. Her manifesto was in that truck cake. You’re lookin’ at it.

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