Tickled Pink

This week is the third week of advent. It’s the “pink candle” week for those of us with Advent wreaths. The priests vested up in pink this last Sunday, which, from my informal survey, is by far their least favorite color to vest up in.

But the pink candle amongst the purple ones remind us of something important: Joy. The homily in my parish this Sunday reminded us not only of the Joy I experience when I realize “my redeemer liveth” but also the Joy that God experiences in us when I love him back. We tend to forget that God delights in us even more than we should delight in him. He desires our love and attention as much as we, whether we acknowledge it or not, need and desire him. We are “made for each other.” Destined to be together.

Sometimes, when I come home from work, Mr. Freshpants sees me and runs across the kitchen, beaming, arms stretched out, yelling, “Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!…” and leaps into my arms and we do a lift and twirl that would make Torvill and Dean jealous. It makes my day and erases anything neagtive from my mind in that moment. That’s some kind of Joy.

I imagine that’s a teensy bit of what God must feel. I imagine that’s also a good example of how I must greet God, and not just on Christmas Day.

The pink reminds us that, yeah, quiet reverence is all well and good, but He wants a “Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!…” from us even more.

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