(a poem I wrote a while back that, for some reason, seemed tangentially related to the mind-ramble I posted below.)

some men of science say that most
of our universe is empty space, host
to the bonds between tiny particles, parts
of tiny affinities which give form
to these papers, this table, our hearts.

if tiny attractions are what give us life,
if dizzying clouds of quanta give rise
to mountains, then couldn’t I surmise
that connections are what suffuse and adhere
all things to each other? does it appear
that all basic matter struggles to endear
some other matter to itself in fear
of being hopelessly adrift, its pupose unclear?

call this union of bonds what you will;
i’ll call it God. and if His plan is fulfilled
in the chaos of a zillion strange attractions,
you and i are like quarks with paths and reactions
of separate flavors but with an intrinsic connection
that takes its own place in the complex direction
that the Creator, the Great Initiator, has set into action.
in His breathless web of life, like a particle
my soul finds an orbit, an elemental article
attracted to yours. and our bond claims its rightful place
in His daunting design with purpose and grace.

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