It's Still Christmas.

We’ve unwrapped all the presents. We ate the big dinner. All of the out of town guests have returned home. Now I feel like I can truly relax and celebrate Christmas, what with all of the stressful Giftmas details taken care of.

The only remaining gifts I have to give are the ones I wanted to make for people. I still have some of that to do. But those were the ones I didn’t want to be Giftmas presents anyway. Still have a large backyard fort/swingset to finish assembling. We have some gifts to return. We have some Christmas money to spend. (And I simply must get a DVD now that I have this new DVD player I got for Christmas from my wife.)

But we still have a Christmas party to throw and one to attend, so we’re still celebrating. And today is the anniversary of Mr. Freshpants’ adoption, so his arrival in our family will always be a part of our extended Christmas celebration. Petunia’s birthday is coming up on the 6th, so we’ll always end our Christmas celebration with her birthday around Epiphany. We’ve got some built-in ways to celebrate and we’re always finding more.

So, lessee, today is the third day of Christmas, which means we should go to La Madeline and have the roasted chicken. Three French Hens, get it? Oh and last night we went and saw “Bring In The Noise, Bring In The Funk” and skipped ahead on the Ladies Dancing, Lords a Leaping, and Drummers Drumming. Incredible Leaping, Dancing, and Drumming it was, too.

Merry Christmas.

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