New Year

Last Day of 2002. It’s been a good one. Now, on to the New Year. We actually set and met most of our goals for the year here in the Clark Household. Time to reflect and pray on new goals, to revisit our vision, and to keep moving forward.

We are getting ready to have a party tonight. Just a game night with a few dozen friends. No alcohol, kids invited — so it’s not the typical New Year’s Eve party setup. But it’s the kind of gathering we are known for. You don’t have to blow a bunch of bucks on babysitting for a night out at the Clarks. Unless you want to, that is. I can totally understand the desire for Child-Free Time. We had an emergency infusion of that ourselves last night with a hastily-called InstaDate.

And, on a relective note. Overflow is coming up on its third birthday. I’ve been blogging/journaling for three years. And I still don’t know what it’s supposed to be. I started out as a Christian-y journal. Then I discovered blogging, which was so, like, the cool new thing. And then I got kind of Futures wonky for a while. Then I came back and got all Christian-y and ended up the year contemplating my metaphorical navel. Overflow still doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up. But hey, it’s only three years old.

A while back, I banished all the Futures Geek talk to another blog, but I think I might bring it back, knitting all the halves of my online personality back together. I have a major online futures project starting this year so I need to consolidate and simplify. Yeah, this is gonna make Overflow seem kinda schizophrenic, but that’s more the real me.

Anyway, have a Happy New Year and stay safe tonight.

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