Appetizing Request

Okay, after attending a number of holiday parties and throwing one myself, I’d like to make a public plea. Can I request a general moratorium on bringing the “Stuff Poured Over A Block Of Cream Cheese” appetizer? I know, I know, it’s convenient and cheap and requires absolutely no cooking. And I am an occasional violator. But I’ve been at two parties so far that had three blocks of goopy cream cheese and that’s just way too much cream cheese. Any party should have at max one cream cheese pour-over, tops.

Can we all agree to unilaterally disarm and leave the pour-overs for the Host, who, of all people, probably needs the convenience more than we do?

So, if it’s a Pot Luck, why not get a pot involved? We’ll all be happier for it. Thanks for listening.

And, for those who don’t use pots at all, what’s *your* favorite convenient, no cooking, bring-along appetizer?

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