Book of the Future

This sounds like a really cool opportunity:

“Book of the Future is a collection of your thoughts and opinions on the future in 2020.

The idea behind the project is to create a democratically edited book – The Book of the Future – which is a snapshot of what we think the future may hold. The content, we hope, will be eclectic, incorprating laugh-out-loud pieces as well as serious and heartfelt contributions. You may submit poetry, short essays or one-liners.”

In seventeen years, my youngest child will be a Junior in High School. I can only imagine the new headaches parent of teenagers in 2020 will have to deal with. Should we let them have purple skin? How do we supervise their virtual personas? How to coax them to do real world things like go outside in the sun, play sports, have real meatworld dates…

Deadline for submissions is March 21st. I have some futures poetry I’ve already written to submit, but this might be a good occasion to write something else. Hmmm…

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