Bargain Bin Gold

The CD Warehouse chain is closing down, and I’m hooked.

I love bargain bin diving at music stores. It’s the only form of gambling I like. Actually, diving the 5 for a dollar bargain bin is more like a form of music trivia than gambling — how does my knowledge of obscure and eclectic music stack up against that of the store’s buyers? They know that if even 1% of the people out there know who this band is, their CD won’t go into the deep discount section. So it’s me against them, and they’re armed with sales data. Can I find unrecognized gem amidst the trash? It’s a challenge I cannot resist.

So far, for twenty cents apiece, I’ve purchased:

Crossover Classical: Joshua Bell, Short Trip Home
Japanese Acid Jazz: United Future Organization’s self-titled release
Various: For the Masses: A Tribute to Depeche Mode.

I found the Subdudes, a Wall of Sound electronica compilation, and a nice recording of Abbey Lincoln on Verve records.

But my best find of all was the delicious Cornershop CD. How dare they put Cornershop in the 5 for a dollar bin! I consider its rescue a moral victory.

**** Oooh, and I totally forgot to mention my Thievery Corporation CD. Bonus. Total Bonus. ****

Granted, I had to spend about six dollars to get all those CDs from the 5 for a dollar bin, but I still think I came out ahead. I loves me some cheap music…

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