Hey, Yeah.

I had a “Hey, yeah.” moment last night.

Have you ever had something you really used to like but sort of forgot about on a “let fall by the wayside” kind of way and then gotten reminded of how much you used to like it quite by accident so that it seemed new and old at the same time? That’s a “Hey, yeah.” moment.

Like when I got back into Radiohead last month because one episode of CSI ended with the opening to Kid A. I said, “Hey, yeah! I totally forgot I groove to this album!” Or like a few days ago I picked up my Utne Reader and said “Hey, yeah. Why haven’t I been drinking my Yerba Mate (a mug of which is the green nectar which is fueling this very entry) lately?”

Well, last night I was too tired to work and I was channel surfing, trying to find filler material to watch until Gillian Welch came on Sessions at West 54th, and I caugh the last twenty minutes of Party Girl. I totally forgot how much I like Parker Posey. Hey, yeah. So now I want to buy the DVD and go see Personal Velocity.

That ever happen to you? Huh?

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