Seren damn dippity!

I’ve had the name Chris Corrigan written on the whiteboard in my office for well over a month now. He’s an expert I’ve identified for a project I’m working on (big things… coming soon…) — a specialist in using Open Space Technology to facilitate groups of people through the process of planning and visioning.

So fast-forward to yesterday. I am planning an nice getaway for Heidi and myself to British Columbia. We were going to jet off to Las Vegas for a fun-filled weekend, but lately decided that our action-packed holiday season has left us craving calmer cozier climes. So I chose a cozy B&B on Bowen Island off the coast of Vancouver. It’s a bucolic bedroom community for some of Vancouver’s artists and writers. It seemed like the perfect place to take a walk on a wintery beach with crashing waves and then go into a cozy cafe and read pretentions literature by the fire. Probably just the environment for me to begin my assault on Gravity’s Rainbow. (Yes, again. Shut up, you.)

So anyway, after booking our lodging. I started poking around to see what people who live on the island have to say about the place and I found a charming Community Forum. I also found a good blog called Bowen Island Journal. It reminded me of Fred’s blog — you know, blogging in place, astute observations, down to earth yet eclectic and interesting without being pretentious. So it takes me awhile to figure out that this blog is written by none other than Chris Corrigan. And guess who he links to?

Well, slap my ass and call me pappy! There are about 27 separate cliches for this situation. Small world, etc.

Now I haven’t actually contacted him yet. I definitely need to email him about his Open Space activities, but I haven’t decided if I will mention to him my upcoming trip. I don’t want to impose any obligations to act as host or tour guide, or even inspire any imagined obligations. And I want to keep the option open for Heidi and I to be antisocial if we wish (it would be a first, but you never know.) But from reading his bio, it sounds like a conversation with him would be well worth the price of several shots of whatever whiskey he drinks.

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