Last catch in these waters

Yesterday was the last day CD Warehouse was in business. All CDs were twenty-five cents. It was pretty picked-over. I couldn’t resist casting my net once more into the Dead Sea of Bargain Bin Land. So after I tossed off the trash fish, here was what was wriggling in my net that I’m happy with:

Fu-schnickens– Nervours Breakdown : These guys rap with a wordplay style that’ll give Eminem a run for his money. And they’re damn sight more pleasant too.
Geggy Tah– Sacred Cow : I can find no words, just smiles.
Toure Kunda : Afropop worldbeat. Makes me wanna go to the beach.
Mocean Worker– Aural and Healthy: Fun party 4/4 beats, some breakbeat and lounge. Booty-shakin’!
“Giant Steps”– Various: 1993 Blue Note Acid Jazz compilation with Us3, SooneMC, Guru, and the Beastie Boys. No clue why these folks are on the same album, but they flow.
Microphone Theology– Various: Street Corner Gospel Hip-Hop Rap. Real raw, urban stuff you’ll not hear on Christian Radio in anyone’s lifetime.
This is Strictly Rhythm– Various: Almost tossed this back as it is a barely passable 90’s House Mix, except for the one track by Phuture. I’ll rip that one to MP3 and toss the carcass.

But hey, not bad for $4.83.

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