It's not about me…

At least for a few weeks.

I have to go off and do some intensive work on a project I am launching elsewhere on the web. I will need to concentrate my online energies for a while, and so I’m afraid that my posting here on Overflow will be less than regular. I’m not saying I won’t come here — I may need a break and just want to post my usual blather — but I won’t be dependable.

What’s the project? Glad you asked!

I am working with a couple of other futurists and the Waitt Family Foundation (You know, Ted Waitt, the founder of Gateway Computers? The guy who talks with the cow on all those commercials?) on an online community to help connect those people who work to build and plan communities in the offline world.

We want to connect people with information and futures thinking about the practice of community building. We want to connect those forward thinking people with each other so they can collaborate and do awesome stuff. We ultimately want to serve underserved and marginalized communities around the country. We want to be like a Slashdot for progressives, activists, and community developers. And I am to be the editor/moderator/caretaker of the place.

So that’s where I’ll be blogging for the next few weeks. The real work will be in bootstrapping an online community, working to build up a membership from nothing. Right now I’m blogging to an empty room, and I need to take some time to try to fill it somewhat.

Of course, you can always come visit. Bring friends. You can even pitch in to help. It’s a free membership.

The cool thing about this project is that it dovetails well with my own life mission — bringing people together into community with one another. That’s also what I love most about the Internet — the way it connects people.

It’s a project that hits me straight in the heart, so I’m going to pour my heart into it.

Not saying “Goodbye,” but more like “Via Con Dios” for a few weeks.

Some more info:

::Building Tomorrow’s Communities

Building Tomorrow’s Communities (BTC) is an online community for people who work to build communites in the offline world. It’s a place where community-minded futurists and forward-thinking leaders work together.Where people, information, and resources create the future of communities. Where community developers can share, learn, and dream.

BTC provides a number of resources to help community builders stay on the cutting edge of the field of community building and create their preferred futures:

– Daily news highlights and pointers to useful resources and information available elsewhere on the web.
– A searchable database of annotated weblinks on a variety of areas of concern to community builders.
– Interactive features such as a discussion forum that facilitate dialogue between community members.

BTC is run by the staff of the Waitt Family Foundation with the help of consulting futurists and a dedicated moderator and editor – a team focused on building a place of value on the web.

::The Waitt Family Foundation

The Waitt Foundation believes that stable and empowered families are the building blocks of a safe, open and prosperous world, and that the material and spiritual needs of these families can best be served through their communities. The Foundation takes a broad and long-term view of the family that includes all of its global and cultural diversity, and examines challenges and opportunities facing families from a perspective that considers the past, the present and the future.

The Foundation envisions a world in which every child and family has the opportunity to choose their own futures and succeed in fulfilling their dreams.

To that end, the Foundation seeks to:

Empower Communities – Enhance the capacity of communities to promote positive social change supportive of families.
Leverage Partnerships – Partner with projects that show promise and are widely applicable.
Communicate Ideas – Help in the dissemination of new ideas to communities and families that will help them plan in the present for a better future.

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