Back To Life, Back To Reality

I’m reading my last few posts and realizing how morose I sound. Let me assure you it’s not all tears and black armbands down here. I am back to work. Life goes on, as it always does.

My emotional response to the Columbia tragedy is not a constant thing. It is a thing that apparently bubbles up from time to time when I hit certain triggers. And as time passes the triggers are farther apart. I do plan to find and buy an STS-107 mission shirt. Not the ones that are being designed now that look more like souvenirs than anything. Just a simple shirt with an STS-107 mission patch. I’ll wear my STS-107 pin. And I’ll do my job with a redoubled focus and sense of urgency, just like everyone else around me.

Thanks to those of you who sent me emails of support. I love the Internet.

I am also back to Overflow. More mindful meanderings to come.

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