Blip Hop

A few weeks ago I downloaded a number of songs by groups like p’tahh, fizzarum, and deadalus, experimental music that fused funky hip-hop beats, chillout style melodies, and a smattering of ambient machine noise, just enough to give the music a geeky funky feel. Kind of like circa 1970’s Kraftwerk meets Tricky-era Massive Attack. Chillout music for cyborgs.

What to call my mix? Glitch Funk? Geek Hop? I settle on writing “Ambient Noise Funk” in sharpie on my new mix CD. Turns out that there’s a name for this type of “emerging music” and I just didn’t know it — Blip Hop.

David Byrne, who was into World Music back in the early nineties before World Music was cool, in collaboration with the International Center for Comparative Sound, has put together a compilation of the early Blip Hop standouts. Reviews are mixed, as I’d expect them to be for any edgy offering. Mostly just to prove the RIAA wrong, I bought myself a copy. My reviews are mixed too. So far.

But it’s always fun to learn a new word. Be the “first on my block.” Yadda Yadda. Blip Hop. I wanna be an “early adapter” when I grow up.

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