Turns out I am sick. Heretofore unidentified bugs are attacking my ears and throat. I’m sending more bugs, albeit the trained kind, in after them. My head is a battlefield. I hope my family, especially my kids, don’t get this.

That’s because we’re supposed to be going on vacation — a fifteenth anniversary getaway to British Columbia — starting tomorrow. Sick kids could ground us. But other concerns like the latest terrorist threats, straining finances, and my health are not going to stop us. We’re going whether it makes sense or not, dammit.

That’s ’cause Heidi and I have a history of putting off that “just us” getaway, every time we seriously consider it, because it’s not “sensible.” A few years back, a mere day before a romantic bed and breakfast weekend getaway we’d planned, we decided to just have a kidless weekend at home (We’d never turn down free babysitting. We’re not crazy.) and we — I am kidding you not — bought a couch instead.

Heidi and I are great about making time for our marriage in the form of dates, volunteer time, and even retreats. But to spend money on plane tickets and a hotel and adult food and adult activities and go somewhere and just chill in luxury does not seem “sensible.”

So this weekend we are going to break the “sensible” barrier and do something that goes against our prudent instincts. We’re going to be nonsensible.

Alas one of the many things that will be left to founder while we’re off galavanting around being irresponsible is Overflow. I’ll post again sometime mid-next-week. Pray for us that we don’t run out of money, kids don’t get sick, or we don’t get blown up by terrorists. That’d be such an “I told you so” kind of thing if we get blown up by terrorists on our nonsensible weekend getaway. The stuff cautionary tales are made of. We don’t want a cautionary tale, just a nice vacation.

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